Who are we?

Kira Gill-Maher is a third year International Relations Major, Religious Studies minor who has been intrigued by Bhutan and GNH since she was introduced to it in high school. She hopes to explore how GNH functions, including its successes and its challenges, and to discover how such an indicator might function in other nations.

Corinna Paumier is a fifth year student completing a double major in religious studies and political science, with a specific interest in Buddhist ecology and 'green religiosity.' GNH became a specific interest when there was an opportunity to adopt (or at least attempt) the alternate growth indicators to pursue more sustainable growth. They look forward to seeing the challenges and changes that will be created with adopting GNH to western institutions.

Dr. Barbra Clayton is an Associate Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Mount Allison University. The adaptation of the GNH survey for the Mount Allison community forms part of a SSHRC-funded Insight Development Grant which aims to analyze the Buddhist ethical principles underlying the Bhutanese philosophy and policy of GNH and the GNH Index, and to develop an understanding of the relevance and potential applicability of GNH outside of Bhutan

Why are we making a survey?

We hope that this introductory examination of how GNH might function outside of Bhutan, might demonstrate that GDP alone is not enough to evaluate the development of countries, and the quality of life experienced by its citizens. Ideally this research would encourage others to question how development is measured, so that structural issues can be addressed more holistically.